Chris Jericho scares AEW fans about his future

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Chris Jericho scares AEW fans about his future

One of the most intense and longest-lasting feuds of the AEW rings, especially in recent months, was the feud between Chris Jericho, legendary former WCW and WWE athlete, as well as world champion for both the McMahons and the company of the Khans, where he held the first title of AEW absolute champion of the history of the federation and MJF.

After an initial alliance between the two, MJF decided to turn his back on Y2J, creating his own faction, which obviously went in contrast with Jericho's Inner Circle, which MJF was imploding from within when he was one of its members.

prominent. From there a heated rivalry was born that is still staged by the two in every Wednesday night episode of Dynamite on TNT.

When does Chris Jericho's contract actually expire?

In the last episode of Dynamite, which aired in the night on TNT television screens, Chris Jericho once again launched, (this however is the last), challenge his arch-rival MJF, to a fourth clash between the two and in the case of defeat for Y2J, the latter will have to leave the AEW rings forever, being able to dedicate himself only to other things and no longer to the fight.

After declaring this stipulation, Jericho has received the ok from MJF, but the fans are already on their toes, as MJF has won all three direct fights with Jericho, with all three contests, going to the heel of the moment.

To try to make Jericho fans breathe a sigh of relief, Dave Meltzer seems to have arrived with his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who, although having no official sources to confirm these words, still stated that Jericho's contract should expire.

in about four or five months and within it there should also be a one-year extension clause. In his latest update, Meltzer revealed: "There has been an option for a year. So, just in case, it should be over by the end of the year.

At best in a year and a half." Technically, Jericho's contract is as an active wrestler and not as a reporter or manager, so we doubt AEW" wastes "one of its best athletes in a role outside of that. for which he gets paid, so if they find this news reported by Meltzer to be covered, it would also be a big spoiler for AEW fans.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens had a fantastic storyline in WWE, where the two former friends turned into rivals. The feud ended in a match at WrestleMania 33 for the United States title where Owens defeated Jericho. It was Jericho's last WWE WrestleMania match. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the most popular members of the AEW roster.