CM Punk Speaks About Getting his Tattoos Covered For Heels

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CM Punk Speaks About Getting his Tattoos Covered For Heels

CM Punk is without a doubt one of the top professional wrestlers in the world, and he recently spoke about getting all of his tattoos covered to work on the TV Show ‘Heels’. CM Punk recently made his AEW debut in his hometown of Chicago.

Many people believed that he would return to wrestling this year, and he did. He is all set to take on Darby Allin at the upcoming AEW All Out event.

CM Punk Stated That it Took HIs Team More Than 3 Hours To Cover His Tattoos

CM Punk is also a well-known tv star now.

He is currently working with Stephen Amell in the show ‘Heels’. This show recently had a Q and A session in which Punk revealed that he had to get all of his tattoos covered to play his character in the show. According to Punk, it takes more than 3 hours to cover all of his tattoos.

“It took three, three and a half hours, depending on how many people I had working on me, to cover up all my tattoos,” Punk said. “And go figure, I have more tattoos than I realized because we would finish and I’d be like ‘okay great.’ Then we’d be shooting a scene where I’d have my pants around my ankles and I’d be like ‘oh s**t.

I have other tattoos.’ I got a great picture behind the scenes where I’m sitting in my actors' chair in between scenes, and I have the COVID face shield on. And I have hair doing my hair and makeup doing my tattoos and I’m taking a COVID test at the same time.

“So I have a thing up my nose, somebody’s messing with my hair, somebody’s putting makeup over me and I’m just miserable. I sat in makeup I think for fifteen hours before we did anything physical. And the instant we touched it just obliterated my makeup and I was just ‘oh my god.’ But I was fortunate.

I was told we have a budget and we were just going to cover it up in post. So I was like ‘oh that’s good.’ But it’s not fun sitting around for fifteen hours in makeup”. CM Punk also revealed that the show inspired him to return to professional wrestling, even though he strongly hinted at the fact that he might never wrestle professionally again after leaving WWE.

There has been speculation since Punk’s return to AEW that his role on Heels was the catalyst for his return. When asked, Punk answered in a not so serious fashion. “100%!” CM Punk joked. “It’s all Stephen Amell’s fault!”