CM Punk on Being Called A Veteran in Professional Wrestling

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CM Punk on Being Called A Veteran in Professional Wrestling

CM Punk recently made an appearance on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie to talk about being called a veteran in professional wrestling. CM Punk came back to the world of professional wrestling after spending nearly 7 years of his life working on different projects.

His last appearance in WWE was back in 2014, where he was feuding with The Authority. He revealed that he is still learning even though he is quite experienced.

CM Punk Speaks About Finding His Mentors in Ring of Honor

“I don’t want to be a guy who thinks I know everything, because I don’t,” Punk said.

“Part of this experience for me is continuing to learn. In 2013 I might’ve thought I knew everything. That was a great time for me to leave. And now I’m like ‘man this is great.’ I got to share a ring with Sting last night.

I never thought that something like that would happen. And just talking to him, I’m learning still. I’m not going to tell the young guys I know everything, ‘hey, listen to me. Do it this way.’ I think that’s the beauty of it.

There’s no right way. “It’s like in Major League Baseball. There’s a million different hitting coaches that are going to tell batters a million different things. ‘Work on this, whatever.’ If somebody wants my advice, I’ll happily give it to them.

If someone looks at me as a mentor, maybe. I have a wealth of experience that I can help these guys with I think. But I am in no way, shape or form there to fix anybody’s anything. I’m there to help if somebody wants it”.

Punk revealed that he didn’t find any mentors in WWE. He kind of made WWE feel like a place where every man is for himself. Punk is a former Ring of Honor superstar and he stated that he found mentors over there. “There were a few guys but it was few and far between,” CM Punk said.

“I know the place has changed, but when I showed up in that locker room for the first time in 2006, it was a shark tank. And the culture there is very much, they would like to put guys against each other. ‘You want to try and steal that guy’s spot and take what that guy has.’ I’m a student of professional wrestling and a fan of professional wrestling, and I look at the history of professional wrestling. There were a lot of great territories where they had multiple top guys. Guys could rotate in and out”.