Tony Khan Speaks About AEW Dark’s Future

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Tony Khan Speaks About AEW Dark’s Future
Tony Khan Speaks About AEW Dark’s Future

Tony Khan recently spoke about AEW Dark’s Future. Last week, Reports suggested that AEW Dark will become a studio show in the future. It will be filmed at the Universal Studio in Florida. AEW Dark used to be taped at AEW Dynamite or AEW Rampage.

Tony Khan will most likely announce this move during the AEW All Out press conference. This was most likely inspired by WCW’s old Worldwide show from the 90s. Tony Khan gave an interview to Bleacher Report. Over there he shared how AEW Dark will move forward.

Also, AEW Dark will still be held during some shows according to what he said. The show will primarily focus on the development of the AEW brand.

Tony Khan Talks About The Future of AEW Dark

“I’m not going to tape AEW Dark every week going forward,” Khan said.

“We’re filming Dynamite, Rampage and Elevation in the arena, so now I think it’s a great time to focus on Dark for developmental. I will be putting together some studio show cards. We’ll have some fun events to announce soon for fans to attend AEW Dark.

I’ve got one venue that I have a hold on and then sometimes, we will still film in arenas. “There will still be stars making appearances and working with the young talent. During the pandemic, Dark has been so great at helping us identify the young talent who are making huge strides.

A number of young wrestlers who have come from Dark have made it to TV such as Will Hobbs, Red Velvet and The Varsity Blonds. I really think that show has helped strengthen our roster and build our young talent for the future”.

He also had special praise for AEW Dark, Daniel Garcia. Daniel has been performing very well on Dynamite and Rampage. Tony Khan stated that Garcia will be featured more prominently during the shows. AEW has been very generous in terms of free content.

Their AEW Dark show is completely free for viewing on YouTube. People can watch complete shows. This is something that most wrestling promotions do not do. WWE is very well known for only showing parts of their matches and not complete shows.

AEW has differentiated itself from other wrestling promotions, especially the WWE. They release plenty of free content for their fans and also listen to what their fans want to see.

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