*Spoiler* Jon Moxley wins the title

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*Spoiler* Jon Moxley wins the title

Nick Gage, one of the most beloved and cheered people in the world of extreme wrestling, who we recently also saw in the AEW ring as Chris Jericho's challenger for his MJF-imposed efforts, lost the GCW title in the summer at the hands of Matt Cardona.

It all started when Matt Cardona created a T-shirt with the words "MDK", which has always distinguished Gage fans and offered to send it to him, so the man invited him to a GWC event for a confrontation. Matt showed up hooded making some moves that recalled Jon Moxley, who at that time had verbally challenged Gage, hinting that there would be a rivalry between the two, set aside to favor Cardona's own GWC title victory.

At AEW Fyter Fest Night 2, Jon Moxley and Lance Archer battled in a violent Texas Death Match for the IWGP US Championship in the main event.

Jon Moxley returns to GCW

The Murderhawk Monster emerged victorious as he choke-slammed Jon Moxley into a barbed wire bed and Mox couldn't answer the 10 count.

The match marked the end of Moxley's one-and-a-half-year run as the champion, which started with a victory over Archer himself at the Wrestle Kingdom inside the Tokyo Dome. The Fyter Fest Night 2 main event was a big hit with fans as viewers grew during the match, recording one of AEW's highest television audiences in history.

On 04 September at the GCW event "The Art of War Games", Matt Cardona proposed an open challenge for the title. After a heated argument with the crowd who can't stand him, Matt invited Frank The Clown, an opponent of his choice, to the ring, beating him in no time.

Then G-Raver showed up with some men but they were beaten and removed from the ring by the champion, except one who gave him a double DDT pinning him before being declared the new GCW champion. This man then decided to reveal his identity, because he was completely covered up earlier in the attack: it was Jon Moxley.

The AEW fighter then immediately found himself face to face with Nick Gage. The two confronted and Moxley told him that if he wants the belt he knows where to find it, Gage accepted Mox's challenge and they met on October 9 in Atlantic City to compete in a Death Match for the title.

Finally, the fans are having the challenge they have always wanted, getting out of the way Matt Cardona who had been heavily booed and had even taken objects on him after his victory.

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