*Spoiler* Three shocking debuts on AEW

Kojima got an incredible reception from the AEW fans in the NOW Arena

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Three shocking debuts on AEW

What a crazy evening that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) experienced, which gave its audience a show that will hardly be forgotten, even if there were some setbacks, things went perfectly when it was time to go on stage. The card was made up of many titled matches that were able to surprise and give emotions that only professional wrestling can make us feel every time we see it on the screen or participate in live shows.

For example, we also saw CM Punk fighting for the first time after seven years from his retirement against a very young Darby Allin who, however, did not hold back at all, on the contrary, he gave his all and for all without disfiguring.

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After the tough enough AEW World Championship match between champion Kenny Omega and challenger Christian Cage, we see The Elite step into the ring to celebrate Omega's retention of the belt altogether.

Unfortunately, however, as often happens when we find ourselves in front of this group that now commands everyone, they begin to attack Christian Cage who is lying in the ring still stunned by the One Winged Angel suffered just before the pin, directly from the stake.

At that point, the Jurassic Express arrives to help him, but for The Elite group, another person comes forward: Adam Cole, who goes into the ring attacking Jungle Boy before hugging the Bucks and Omega, making it clear that he will be part of their group.

To interrupt the party, however, also comes Bryan Danielson, better known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, who gets on the ring and takes the side of the good guys chasing the group of bad guys who obviously do not stay there to take them for much longer.

So now AEW has become the home for many athletes who unfortunately have been removed from the company of McMahon, but who with their talent could not stay out of the wrestling ring for long, much to the delight of all the fans who went crazy all around arena, but also at home on various social networks, together with different personalities of wrestling.

Kojima got an incredible reception from the AEW fans in the NOW Arena, as did Jon Moxley. Kojima went for a handshake, but Moxley wasn't in the mood. Both men exchanged chops as the match kicked off, but the NJPW legend quickly ran through Moxley, grounding him with a shoulder tackle. The veteran then went for his patented Cozy Lariat, but Moxley recognized the danger and rolled out of the ring.