Kris Statlander Talks About Working With CM Punk


Kris Statlander Talks About Working With CM Punk
Kris Statlander Talks About Working With CM Punk

Kris Statlander is a famous AEW female wrestler, and she recently spoke about wanting to work with CM Punk. Kris recently competed for the AEW Women’s Title. Britt Baker currently holds the AEW Women’s Title. Britt is currently one of the most popular female wrestlers in the world.

Kris gave an interview to Women’s Wrestling Talk. She first spoke about how much Britt has changed since her first match with her.

Kris Stantlander Speaks About Wanting to Learn From CM Punk

“I don’t really know how to specifically prepare for it.

Besides, I know that I’ve beaten her before, a while ago, in a one-on-one match. And that was the last time she and I were ever one-on-one in a ring. So, if the odds are in my favor, it could happen again. But she’s a new Britt,” Kris said.

Britt Baker has indeed competed in some hardcore matches that most women in the wrestling world would not dare to compete in. She even had to get a huge number of thumbtacks removed after one of her matches. Kris failed to win the AEW Women’s Title.

However, she will like to represent the women’s division after she wins the title someday. “When I become the champion, I don’t think the locker room really needs any differences or changes. I think I just want to defend my belt more than most people have in the past,” Kris said.

“It was always very, like, slow, like, once a month maybe. And I want to be the champion that’s defending it every single week. I want to give that title purpose, I want to show why I’m the champion week in and week out.

That’s the one thing that I would do”. Even though CM Punk’s arrival in AEW was kept a secret, many wrestlers backstage knew that he would arrive at AEW. “I was there for it,” she recalled. “I think it was never really 100% confirmed until it was there.

And we all knew that it was happening, like, we all knew it, just no one officially was like, ‘Oh, CM Punk is coming.’ But we are all like, we know it’s gonna happen”. She then stated that she would like to learn as much as she can from CM Punk while he is in AEW.

“I would definitely want to learn from him. I’m always willing to learn from any and everybody,” Kris Stantlander explained. “And people have all had their own experiences with their own careers that you can always take something from”.

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