What will Bryan Danielson's character be like in AEW?

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What will Bryan Danielson's character be like in AEW?

For weeks the world of wrestling has been eagerly awaiting Bryan Danielson's potential AEW debut, and on Sunday night it all materialized, when the former WWE Champion thrilled the entire world of wrestling fans by showing up at PPV AWE.

All Out, in Chicago. But what, among what made him great in WWE, can he bring with him to All Elite Wrestling? Fans greeted Daniel Bryan with a very loud "Yes Yes" chant, but at this point, it is unclear whether Bryan Danielson himself will continue singing along with the upward hand gesture that contributed to his fame.

In all these years. During the group interviews granted to the media after the show, the former WWE champion said that he is not sure whether or not he can do the hand gesture with "Yes Yes" in AEW, and the reason is that he does not want to create himself problems or a possible diplomatic case with WWE.

With the risk, perhaps, of breaking regulations and finding himself in dispute with a company of which he has excellent memories.

Daniel Bryan made his AEW debut

"I mean, it was fantastic," Bryan Danielson said about the "Yes Yes" chants of the fans.

I do not know. I guess we'll have to talk about it, whether I can do it or not. So, I don't know if it's possible. One of the things I try to respect is this, because as I said I appreciate the people I have worked for before.

And for my part, I want to ensure that their intellectual property and things like that are respected. And so, first I'll try to make sure I don't contradict any of this. The fans who do it is fantastic, but I'm not sure I'll do it with them too."

Tony Khan these days has continued to reiterate that there seems to be a possibility that the singing and hand gesture is not the intellectual property of WWE. "Not that we're saying it's necessarily their intellectual property.

But if it were then..." said the owner of AEW. And at this point, it will be necessary to understand if the ex Daniel Bryan will bring in the new company even the most famous choir of him. Bryan Danielson, FKA Daniel Bryan, made his AEW debut at Sunday's All Out pay-per-view.

The former WWE Champion's debut received an incredible ovation from the crowd in Chicago and blew the roof off the place. Twitter was abuzz following his debut as well, with AEW wrestlers and fans commending his debut at All Out.