Adam Cole Speaks About Backstage Talk With McMahon and Tony Khan

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Adam Cole Speaks About Backstage Talk With McMahon and Tony Khan

Adam Cole is one of AEW’s newest signings, and he spoke about talking to Vince McMahon and Tony Khan backstage. Adam Cole was a popular WWE superstar. Many journalists and wrestling fans had an idea that Adam Cole would join AEW after it was reported that his contract expired.

He didn’t re-sign with the company as just like many other superstars, he did not feel at home in WWE. Adam Cole made his debut at the AEW All Out PPV. At AEW All Out, CM Punk made his AEW in-ring debut. Towards the end of the show, Bryan Danielson also made his AEW debut along with Adam Cole.

Adam Cole recently made an appearance on Wrestling Inc. Daily, where he spoke about failing to reach a deal with Vince McMahon. He shared his conversation with Tony Khan as well backstage.

Adam Cole Speaks About His Backstage Talks With Vince McMahon and Tony Khan

“The talk went great,” Cole said.

“We had a really, really good conversation about a lot of different things. But the actual conversation was awesome. I have no bad experiences with him whatsoever. He is an intimidating man that commands respect in a lot of ways, but the experience itself was totally fine.

“Working and being around, because I just started tonight, but being around Tony is so cool for so many different reasons. The biggest one is how contagious his love for wrestling is. I know that I love pro wrestling. But you can’t help but be more excited and more ready to go and more fired up than when you’re around Tony.

I feel I can go and talk to Tony about anything, which is so cool. And I’m not just saying this because he’s sitting here, he’s an amazing person”. He also mentioned that his mom supported him a lot during the entire process of him transitioning from WWE to AEW.

“My mom is the only person that I’ve responded to so far,” Adam Cole said. “She lives in Pennsylvania and my younger brother lives in Pennsylvania. They wouldn’t have missed this for the world. I don’t know if I should be saying this, but part of why Britt is so amazing is Britt’s the one who made sure they got here.

I have to give her credit for it. She was the one who made sure they got here. They’ve been at shows of mine for years now, like literally since I first started. My mom has always been someone who supported this through and through.