Ruby Soho analyzes the importance of the women's division

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Ruby Soho analyzes the importance of the women's division
Ruby Soho analyzes the importance of the women's division

The Women's Revolution is a very important element in the history of wrestling, even if it is very controversial because based on a lot of things people will tell you that it was born in different periods and companies. For example, there are those who claim that she was born in TNA, who in WWE but before the one, we all know between 2015 and 2016 and who will tell you that she started from the Four Horsewomen (Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Sasha Banks).

What is certain is that women have never stopped in their struggle for rights, in any field of life and that even in wrestling we continue to move forward, trying to create more and more opportunities for women. At AEW All Out, Ruby Soho returned to professional wrestling for the first time since being let go by WWE.

Soho was the final entrant at the All Out Casino Battle Royale, and the reactions to her debut on social media were immense. At All Out, Ruby Soho won the Women's Casino Battle Royale. Soho was the final survivor in a match filled with some of the best female talents in AEW.

Ruby Soho analyzes the importance of the women's division

Interviewed by some journalists during the post-AEW All Out press conference, the new entry on the female roster of Tony Khan's company, spoke about the role of the AEW women's division in the Women’s Revolution.

"I think the AEW is a crucial part of it [Women's Revolution ed]. I think the level of importance that is placed on the division of women here is so evident. You see different women every week. They are not the same people. You see different women, from different backgrounds, thriving, successful and intertwined, and you can walk this path with these women.

And these women have a voice, and I think this place is a crucial part of the evolution of women's wrestling. And I think I'm very, very lucky to be a part of it." AEW is often at the center of criticism from many fans because since its foundation there are still obvious problems in the management of the women's division, which focuses a lot on secondary shows rather than giving space to women at Dynamite.

However, the situation would seem to be developing even with the arrival of Rampage and superstars like Ruby Soho, from time to time. Certainly, women are building wrestling history piece by piece in all companies and there is no reason for them to stop at some obstacle.

Ruby Soho

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