Is Brian Cage being misused in AEW?

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Is Brian Cage being misused in AEW?

Between 2008 and 2009 Brian Cage was part of the FCW development system athletes in WWE, but his experience did not last long, in fact, the man suffered a concussion that led him to be sidelined by the company. Sometime later, in 2020, he said: "The experience in WWE was not totally bad, I was young and I was going back and forth, then I was released.

As soon as I was released from the Vince McMahon-owned federation my personal life and work went better. I'm not against them, I have nothing against them, but I did well without them and so if I never go back to Stamford, I have to say I'll be happy."

Now, however, the situation seems to have possibly take a different turn because All Elite Wrestling doesn't seem to be exploiting his talent as it should, after losing his title to Team Taz who betrayed him in July.

Is "The Machine" Brian Cage being misused in AEW?

Brian Cage isn't happy with his spot in AEW

Melissa Santos, the wife of AEW superstar Brian Cage, entered her twitter account by uploading a short video to let everyone know her disappointment about her husband's management in the company.

These are her words: “You see, Brian Cage is a superstar. Those people who know him from the Indies, IMPACT, Lucha Underground, where I met him, know that he is a superstar. All you have to do is google him and watch his matches, [including] PWG.

He is a superstar and is being misused right now." She later posted a screenshot from a Q&A that a person named Doug Maynard posted on her site, asking what happened to Cage. Cage intervened and said that it was not his wife who wrote the post, but that in any case she agrees with the opinion expressed by this person, without saying anything about her.

Brian Cage later took to social media to comment on the matter by tweeting the following message to his fans: "Everyone who has an opinion on this (which you are rightfully allowed to do so) I just wanted to inform you all that Melissa didn't write that statement about me being misused, she's just posting and agreeing with it," Brian Cage tweeted.

With CM Punk seemingly getting involved with Team Taz going forward, that could signal the end of Cage's current story with Starks and Team Taz. This development could be the reason behind Santos' tweets.