Ivelisse Comments on Problems with Thunder Rosa

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Ivelisse Comments on Problems with Thunder Rosa

Ivelisse is a former AEW star and she recently commented on her issues with Thunder Rosa. Ivelisse was a famous indie wrestler before she joined AEW. She was part of the wrestling promotion called SHINE. Ivelisse was with Chris Van Vliet’s show and she spoke about her issues with Rosa over there.

Ivelisse Speaks About Her Problems with Thunder Rosa in AEW

“It’s a culmination of a lot of things from her part. It all started in the past on Lucha Underground,” Ivelisse said. “It was the same thing that happened in the match [in AEW] that happened on Lucha Underground.

I thought that was learned because when we encountered again in the indies, in that match, she didn’t do any of that. When it comes to anything personal outside, I’m the type to just let it go. Once you are in the ring, that needs to disappear.

You focus and do what works for the match. “But outside of the Lucha Underground match, I had heard a lot of things. In my mind, we weren’t working so I didn’t need to worry about it,” Ivelisse continued.

“But that match happened outside and it didn’t happen again, so maybe she did learn. But then AEW comes, and never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen, and it did. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me.

Maybe because she was the champ, it gave her more courage. But you are still wrestling a veteran and you are a professional, it doesn’t mean you can be unprofessional”. She also believes that fans did not treat her fairly on social media.

“Of course, and you know it’s Twitter. And this is not even new. They took advantage of the vulnerable moment and all these years of gunning for me on Twitter. But I ignore it, which can contribute to people’s perceptions of me.

But I don’t have time for it, because I am always hustling,” Ivelisse said. “But it was kind of crazy how they turned me into the unprofessional. Anyone with a brain would have seen, first of all, you don’t disrespect the veteran.

Also, I was the signed talent and you are coming from the outside company! Thirdly, in the match, they [the audience] could see how it starts. It’s like with the Charlotte vs. Nia. I watched it neutrally and as a professional, I can understand what happened more accurately. But it’s Twitter and a massive chunk was taking advantage”.