Ruby Soho Speaks About Being an AEW Fan Before Joining

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Ruby Soho Speaks About Being an AEW Fan Before Joining

Ruby Soho is a former WWE superstar and she recently spoke about being an AEW Fan before she even joined the company. Ruby Soho is one of AEW’s top signings to date, even though she wasn’t on top of the WWE when she left.

She was known as Ruby Riott in WWE. Ruby Soho made her AEW debut at AEW All Out. It was a very good PPV for AEW as Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) and Adam Cole also made their debuts during that PPV. CM Punk also had his AEW debut match at All Out.

Ruby Soho Speaks About Being an AEW Fan Even Before She Joined AEW

Ruby revealed on Sports Illustrated that she was an AEW Fan ever since she watched All Out. “I fell back in love with professional wrestling at [All Out].

I was elated. These people accepted me,” Ruby said. “They understand me; they understood my journey. That gave me a fire I haven’t felt in a long time. These people were ready to see me thrive, and there is no better stage to do that than in AEW.

“It’s been a long journey with a lot of bumps in the road, but I’m here to make my destiny,” Soho continued. “I’ve had my share of insecurities and doubt. But if it weren’t for the fans, I wouldn’t be here.

They saw something in me and they want to see more, and they’re going to get the best of me in AEW”. Ruby Soho appreciated her time at the WWE Main roster. She now wishes to focus on her AEW career and get to the top of the promotion.

“I was able to experience a lot in WWE and make lifelong friends, so I’m very grateful for my time there,” Soho said. “But that chapter is closed, and I knew there had to be a new place for me. This is a chance to experience a side of professional wrestling I haven’t experienced yet.

There is a fire here, and there is a lot for me to show the world. There are a lot of sides to what I do that have yet to flourish, and I am going to put it all out there in AEW”. She stated that she knew she would end up in AEW as soon as she was released by WWE.

“Choosing AEW wasn’t a difficult decision,” Ruby Soho said. “I had been a fan of AEW long before I left WWE. I could sense there was something very special and very different about this company. Now that I’m here, I am beginning to realize it was the home I have always been searching for. This is where I belong, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to be here”.