Tony Schiavone Speaks About Adam Cole

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Tony Schiavone Speaks About Adam Cole

Tony Schiavone is currently working as an AEW commentator and he recently spoke about Adam Cole. Adam Cole is a former WWE professional wrestler. He was well known in the WWE for being one of NXT’s top stars. Even though he is a very talented wrestler and also was a popular indie wrestler, he could never reach the top of the WWE.

Adam Cole didn’t re-sign with WWE and chose to debut in AEW instead. Tony Schiavone along with Aubrey Edwards spoke about AEW’s fantastic month. Tony had nothing but praise for Adam Cole.

Tony Schiavone Praises Adam Cole on AEW Unrestricted

“He is a cool dude.

I will do one a shout out to Britt Baker,” Schiavone said. “No, she didn’t [tell me]. And every time I asked her, she said, ‘No, there’s nothing going on.’ And I said, ‘You’re lying to me.

You’re living with this guy, so you f*cking know!’. Good for her. Good for her. “We are in the show that aired back from Cincinnati. Obviously, when Britt comes out in her interviews, she hugs me. I’ve been her interviewer.

I’ve been her protector. I’ve kind of felt like dad because, in reality, I’m older than her dad. We’ve had this on-screen relationship that is genuine because I really have a lot of time for Britt like I have a lot of time for a lot of people.

You are one of my favorite people. There’s no question. “Adam gets with me, and he says, ‘Well, we need to address this on camera,’ and I said, ‘Yeah, we do.’ We talk through what we’re going to say, and he said, ‘I’m going to call you a nerd.

Fans are going to pop because they know that I am really a nerd. So I will call you a nerd.’ So he went out, and he told me to get out, but he didn’t say, nerd. So I’m standing there, and he goes, ‘Get out!’.

And I look at him, I go (Schiavone whispers), ‘Nerd.’ And he goes, ‘Get out nerd!’. I remind him to say, nerd”. Tony Schiavone then commented on Adam Cole’s greatest asset, his ring work.

“And I’m so glad because I know the kid can really work. I know he can give us a great match. That’s what it’s all about. We talk about a lot, it’s about what happens in the ring. When fans walk away from a PPV or a television show, we want them to think, ‘That’s a hell of a match we just saw.’ Not all matches are going to be great guys.

They’re not, and we’d love for every match to be great, but more than not, you’re going to have great matches, and that’s what I think Adam Cole is gonna bring to us”.