Ricky Starks Comments on CM Punk’s Backstage Influence

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Ricky Starks Comments on CM Punk’s Backstage Influence

Ricky Starks is part of Team Taz, and he recently spoke about CM Punk’s influence backstage. Ricky Starks is currently working as a heel alongside his other Team Taz members. He has already performed with many of AEW’s best superstars, including Sting and Darby Allin.

Ricky Starks is known for his great promo cutting ability and his technical wrestling. CM Punk arrived in AEW about a month ago. His return to professional wrestling, according to many, was one of the greatest wrestling returns of all time.

CM Punk made his AEW debut in his hometown of Chicago. His first match was against the talented Darby Allin.

Ricky Starks Comments On CM Punk's influence Backstage

CM Punk stated during his promo that the reason why he returned to professional wrestling was to work with the young guys in AEW.

Many wrestlers have also reported that he does help young wrestlers backstage just like his mentors helped him at Ring of Honor. Rick Starks spoke about CM Punk at Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha. Team Taz is currently feuding with CM Punk.

“I don’t know. I really have no clue what’s going on with Punk,” Starks admitted. “I know that Hobbs is gonna handle some stuff for me in terms of Punk, but the guy, he called me out. I appreciate the spotlight there, but I’m kind of tied up with Brian Cage first.

“I have to get through that obstacle before I move on to Punk and see what he’s about. But hey, if it keeps drawing me attention, I say, Punk, keep my name in your mouth. Keep it going. I welcome it”. CM Punk will face off with Powerhouse Hobbs at Rampage.

“It’s been great. I know that he is a very hard worker, obviously,” Ricky Starks said. “Backstage, he’s very mindful of everyone and their matches, and making sure he talks to them and critiques them afterwards, and he’s very approachable too.

So I think having Punk back there is a big morale boost”. CM Punk was one of WWE’s top stars. He left the WWE in 2014, and since then he has openly spoken against WWE. According to him, WWE is a horrible place to work at. He has also stated multiple times that WWE didn’t allow him to rest to recover from his injuries.