Renee Paquette Speaks About Big E Winning WWE Title

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Renee Paquette Speaks About Big E Winning WWE Title

Renee Paquette is a former WWE personality, and she recently spoke about Big E winning the WWE title recently. Big E recently won the WWE title. He was able to beat Bobby Lashley for it.

Renee Paquette Comments on Big E Winning the WWE title

Renee appeared on the Busted Open Radio to talk about it.

She will probably appear regularly on the Busted Open Radio to talk about various wrestling related topics. She stated that seeing Big E win the WWE title made her feel very happy. “It just makes me so happy,” Paquette said.

“I tweeted out that it’s so cool to see this outpouring of love for somebody like Big E. I’ve never heard anybody say a bad thing about the dude. It’s been, I guess you can call it, a slow burn for Big E.

You get that huge payoff in him cashing in that Money in the Bank contract and becoming WWE Champion. But what I love about it is the organic way that Big E’s career has gone. When you get the fans behind you, now you know the company is behind him.

“It’s time to just, as they used to say, ‘strap that rocket on to him and shoot him off.’ That trajectory is just going to keep going. If we are talking, and we want to get into ratings and blah, blah, blah, I think Big E could be that guy to really help to push WWE Monday Night RAW, Friday Night SmackDown, wherever he decides that he wants to show up.

It’s that organic side of things that I think WWE fans have been craving. They want that payoff and they finally got it in Big E, and I couldn’t be happier for that dude”. Renee also believes that WWE did it to counter AEW Dynamite that is doing extremely well in terms of ratings.

“Well yeah,” Renee Paquette answered co-host Bully Ray when asked if ratings contributed to the decision. “I think that you can definitely look back and analyze it in that light, especially given the tweet ‘heads up, I’m going to be cashing in tonight.

We’ve never seen somebody make that kind of announcement and telegraph exactly when they were going to be cashing in like that to get eyes over there and have it be that feel-good moment. I know that was obviously going to be something to draw a lot of people in, whether it was people that casually have been watching or whatever.

You hear someone is going to cash in Money in the Bank, people want to be a part of that moment. So yeah, I do think that there was more of a business side behind making that moment, especially doing it on Monday Night RAW.

Who knows where Big E is going to continue to kind of show up? But yeah, I definitely think that was a bit of, I don’t want to say a knee jerk reaction, but as you see AEW nipping at the heels of WWE, they got to start making some bigger moves. And they’ve got to start making fans happy. So you give them Big E, that’s going to make people happy”.