*Spoiler* Who won Between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega?

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*Spoiler* Who won Between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega?

On Sunday, the AEW staged the very first television match of Bryan Danielson on a ring of the Khan's company, with the sensational landing of the former WWE Champion who went to support the other former WWE wrestlers who recently joined the company: CM Punk, Adam Cole and Ruby Soho.

In his debut, Bryan Danielson immediately clashed with the company's number one powerhouse, the AEW world champion: Kenny Omega, with Bryan going to support Christian Cage and the Jurassic Express and instead with Adam Cole returning to tighten his old relationship with the Young Bucks and Omega, as it had already happened years ago with the Bullett Club.

On Sunday, there was finally face to face in the ring, in a match not valid for the AEW title, between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega, with the two giving themselves to each other for a good reason, until the bell has sanctioned the end of the match, for a "time limit" that had almost never been seen in the rings of the company of the Khan family.

Huge match between Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson

One of the biggest takeaways from this week's Dynamite was the opening match between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega. Those watching the entire bout closely from the arena knew that this was a big fight feel.

The roof of Arthur Ashe Stadium came off when both men were standing toe-to-toe. Both men left no stone unturned in delivering a match of the year contender. Danielson, who was making his in-ring debut tonight, locked Omega in a Labell Lock seconds before the referee called for the bell as no clear winner emerged after 30 minutes.

Right at the most beautiful moment, while Bryan Danielson was kicking his opponent with his usual fury, the time-keeper bell rang, marking the end of the contest for the end of regulation time that the AEW leaves for its matches or 30 minutes.

For the second time in the history of AEW televised matches, therefore, a match ends in a draw because there is no further time available for the two contenders, with Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega obviously clashing again in the future, but it is not known if for the title or on what occasion.

Obviously, after the end of the contest, the Young Bucks intervened to attack Danielson, with the now exhausted ex-WWE athlete who remained lifeless at a corner of the ring, suffering the fury of his opponents, until Christian intervened.

Cage and the Jurassic Express to save him. The feud between Danielson and Kenny Omega is only at the beginning and it is very likely that the new challenger for the Omega title is the former WWE Champion, especially after this match, who does nothing but make it clear how Danielson is at the same champion level if not better.