*Spoiler* Arn Anderson protagonist of a shocking botch

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*Spoiler* Arn Anderson protagonist of a shocking botch
*Spoiler* Arn Anderson protagonist of a shocking botch

During the night, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) broadcast its weekly episode of Dynamite, the company's flagship show, which this week was renamed "Grand Slam" for the occasion, with the show featuring the first contest between Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega, after leaving the scene with the WWE that the former McMahon world champion wanted to do after years.

The show was obviously one of the most followed both live, with the public that sold out a few weeks ago, and with fans connected from home, with the first rating data emerging from specialized sites that count numbers never seen before.

to the origins of Dynamite on TNT. On Sunday, however, something unexpected and absolutely unpleasant happened to some fans of the Dynamite audience. The sets of higher led lights, in fact, annoyed all the last rows of the rings of the arena, completely blinding the fans who flocked to the show, making them unable to see what was happening in the ring.

Arn Anderson caught social media attention during this week's episode of AEW Dynamite. The WWE legend had seemingly interjected himself to distract Malakai Black but accidentally slipped off the ring apron. He then fell off again, which was the planned spot when Cody checked on him.

Arn Anderson protagonist of a shocking botch

It was a sight to behold since it felt funny to many people who started making memes out of it later on. Fortunately, Arn Anderson didn't hurt himself. However, the match between Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black felt absurd in a lot of ways.

The bout may have gone far too long than expected. With several tweets addressed to the All Elite Wrestling ha, in fact, the company realized much too late, how badly the last rows of lights inside the arena had been mounted, with the last set of bulbs at led that was going to completely blind the last rows of fans who flocked to the show.

Unfortunately, all this does not happen even for the first time in wrestling shows. With both WWE and AEW, it had already happened several times that the lighting sets went to annoy some fans in the arena. In one of the AEW PPVs, there was even a column of the ring set that completely covered the square to some fans, who did not see any of the matches in the card.

Even myself, in one of the London tapings a few years ago, was given a seat behind the Monday Night Raw, with everything that happened on the big screen and everything that happened on the stage, which has always remained a mystery.

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