Bryan Danielson Speaks About Exploring Other Options

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Bryan Danielson Speaks About Exploring Other Options

Bryan Danielson is a former WWE wrestler and he recently spoke about exploring other options before joining AEW. Bryan Danielson was known as Daniel Bryan in WWE. He is a former WWE Champion and he was one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE before he left.

Many people believe he left as WWE did not offer him a good deal. Bryan’s last match in WWE was against Roman Reigns. Bryan stated that he wished to face Kenny Omega and he couldn’t do that in WWE. On WFAN’s Moose & Maggie, he revealed that wanting to wrestle Kenny Omega was one of the main reasons why he joined AEW.

Bryan Danielson on Why he Joined AEW

“One of the big things is AEW just seems like a lot of fun,” Danielson said. “There’s a lot of matches, including the match that I have tomorrow, that I looked at and I was like, ‘oh man, I would love to do this.’ The match with Kenny Omega, to me, feels like the biggest match of my career.

Kenny and I had wrestled before, like ten plus years ago, before I was in WWE, and he wasn’t where he’s at now. “I watch all sorts of wrestling. I love wrestling. So I’d watch him while I was in WWE and I was like, ‘whoa!’.

He was doing the lighter weight division while he was in Japan and I was like ‘whoa, Kenny’s getting awesome.’ Then he moved to heavyweight, and he was just doing some of the best wrestling in the world.

So I saw that and when I was able to come to AEW, I was like, ‘this is the match I want.’ And then doing it at the first show in New York City, in Arthur Ashe, it just feels like it could be a huge momentum shift for AEW”.

Unlike many other former WWE superstars, Bryan has nothing but positive things to say about the WWE. “I felt like I needed to say thank you to WWE publicly,” Bryan Danielson said. “I’ve said things to people privately, but I needed to say it publicly because not only the people in WWE but the WWE fan base, I think some of them felt betrayed a little bit.

There’s a level of tribalism where it’s like ‘hey I’m WWE!’. or ‘hey I’m AEW!’. And I just wanted to transcend that a little bit and say ‘thank you, because you guys have given me these incredible moments.’ And not just that; I wasn’t able to say goodbye to everybody.

As far as like camera people that I love, the creative team that I love, all these different people. The catering people, who specifically made vegan meals for me for years and years and years, and I’d go up and ask them, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I’m shy.

Could you make me something?’ And they did it without any hesitation every week for years. I’m talking about good people that you form great relationships with. Not to mention the people you form more complex but very deep relationships with, like Vince McMahon, like my friends, the wrestlers I spent so much time on the road with”.