CM Punk Speaks About Watching AEW

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CM Punk Speaks About Watching AEW
CM Punk Speaks About Watching AEW

CM Punk is one of AEW’s most valuable superstars, and he recently spoke about watching AEW. AEW entered the professional wrestling industry nearly 2 years ago. At that time, a few notable superstars such as Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho joined the company.

The company now has a number of very popular former WWE wrestlers. CM Punk is one of them. On Rasslin’ with Brandom Walker, CM Punk revealed whether he watched AEW or not prior to actually joining it. He first spoke about working with younger talent.

CM Punk Speaks About Watching AEW Before He Joined it

“Yeah, off and on. There’s shows I missed, but obviously, I watched enough to get to a point where I was like, yes, I want to work there,” Punk noted.

“I think there’s two schools of thought. You can watch something and you can harp on all the bad things or the wrong things, or, oh, I wouldn’t do it that way. But I immediately peeled away from that and I started to focus on the positive stuff, and a lot of that is just the talent.

“You think, well maybe they don’t have not one singular person, but they don’t have enough people back there that guys will listen to. And again, I say this to young guys backstage all the time, there’s not one perfect way to do something.

There are ways, and things, and situations that are tested. It comes with experience, but a lot of the time, you got to let some of these kids just fail and let them figure it out themselves. That’s 100% the truth. And I would rather have them experience that instead of just listening to me.

I want them to all have their own ‘aha’ moments”. CM Punk spoke about talking to Tony Khan multiple times before he joined AEW. He mainly spoke about which wrestler he would like to work with when he joined AEW, and shared the idea of working with the Owen Hart Foundation and Martha Hart.

“That’s about 90% of it. It’s really what it is because I think everybody has potential and everybody’s so good that I could work with anybody back there,” Punk expressed. “Nobody’s talked to me about this Owen Hart deal that they bridged with Martha Hart.

I’m still overwhelmed at that news as a wrestling fan. It blows me away, and I just think it’s another eye-opening aspect of AEW. “For 20 years, there was one place, and if you didn’t want to deal with them, then you’re kind of out of sight out of mind.

Point in case, Owen Hart Foundation, Martha Hart and CM Punk, and what AEW has done is got me back after seven years. And then they did what I categorize as the unthinkable. We’re gonna get Owen toys, Owen shirts, Owen in a video game, and that’s amazing for his legacy”.

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