Bryan Danielson Speaks About AEW vs WWE

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Bryan Danielson Speaks About AEW vs WWE

Bryan Danielson, the popular AEW superstar, recently spoke about the competition between WWE and AEW. He was on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie where he spoke about it. Bryan Danielson is one of AEW’s top signings to date.

He was known as Daniel Bryan in WWE, and he is a former WWE Champion. CM Punk recently also spoke about AEW vs WWE. According to him, it makes no sense to assume that AEW and WWE are not competing against each other. According to Bryan, the competition is really on the business side of things.

AEW does present a very different product.

Bryan Danielson Speaks AEW vs WWE Competition

“I’m sure,” Danielson said of the competition. “Especially at a higher level. I’m not talking about a higher level of performance, I’m talking about business.

In a couple of years when both TV deals come up, and that’s how both companies make most of their money through their TV deals. There’s going to be some competitive bargaining going on as far as who gets what? And the person who has the better ratings is going to get the most money.

And that’s better for everybody. So obviously there’s that level of competition. One of the things that I love is that Tony’s view of wrestling comes from a wrestling fan’s perspective, and it’s really a modernization of professional wrestling.

But what WWE does is more entertainment. And you can see it in the way the shows are presented. The very first segment in most WWE shows is an interview setting up the entertainment for the rest of the night. AEW almost always starts off with a wrestling match."

Bryan Danielson also said, "And one of the things that I love about both of them, rather than being competition, it gives wrestling fans ‘hey, what do you like better?’ It gives you that. Some people are going to like both.

I also think it’s great for the wrestlers in that you look at someone like Malakai Black in AEW or Ruby Soho, who weren’t able to get many opportunities in WWE. Now they’re in AEW and Ruby’s in an AEW Women’s Championship match.

Also on Rampage on Friday, she and Britt Baker were like the greatest promo ever. It was so good! So giving talent opportunities, and eventually, it’s going to go the other way. Someone in AEW is underutilized, they’re going to go to WWE and people are going to see what they can do.

I just think there’s a competitive nature. For me, myself, I’m more competitive within myself as far as being the best I can. But I’m not going to lie, if I see someone do something incredible in WWE, I’m going to be like ‘yeah, I can do better.' ”