AEW introduces a new title

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AEW introduces a new title

A few days ago RED Leather, the company that creates all the AEW belts, posted a photo on their Facebook page, where we could see a part of a new belt with the AEW logo on the leather part. Obviously, with the company that was founded in 2019 and is growing slowly, but not too much, there is also the need to create new titles that can be entrusted to athletes.

There has been a lot of talk about introducing the Trios Tag Team Titles champion belts precisely because in Tony Khan's company there are several stable and different groups that could easily win them and compete for them.

Big surprises in AEW

The well-known journalist Andrew Zarian, who in recent months has thrown many bombs in the field of wrestling, yesterday wanted to tweet to announce that most likely the AEW will make a second women's belt.

These are his words: “I have heard some rumors of a new title that will be introduced in AEW soon. It will be a secondary title for women." And he also added in a later tweet: "More information will arrive tomorrow during the Mat Men [podcast ed] regarding future AEW titles."

To give him a hand with these rumors was the journalist Denise Salcedo, always with a tweet: “AEW NEWS REPORT: @AndrewZarian reported some news on my show today. He said there will be a secondary Women's Championship title in AEW and it will be a TBS Championship belt."

We remind you that Dynamite and Rampage will switch from TNT to TBS in 2022, so this could be a twin title to the one currently held by Miro, but obviously for the women's division. Conceptually it is not wrong to think of giving women a second title, of course, it always depends on the management that the AEW will put in place, but their female roster is full of athletes, it could help with the storylines.

But if you want to know more about the situation of women in AEW, waiting for news on the belt issue, you can read our latest Bank Statement "Women between the strings AEW" The face-painted duo defeated Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood in what was an action-packed contest.

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