Is Bray Wyatt's arrival in AEW imminent?

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Is Bray Wyatt's arrival in AEW imminent?

One of the most shocking decisions for the WWE Universe in recent months has undoubtedly been the release of a superstar like Bray Wyatt. This wrestler has been part of WWE history for years and the McMahon family's decision to cut him out has left everyone in disbelief, including third parties who have long collaborated with the company.

The future of Bray Wyatt or rather of the former Fiend in the world of wrestling is all to be verified but in recent days there has been much talk of his possible arrival in All Elite Wrestling, the company of Tony Khan who in recent months 'has grabbed' some of the top wrestlers who have left Stamford in recent years.

CM Punk, Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan and now Bray Wyatt? According to reports Dave Meltzer it seems so and the former Demon could even debut, according to the well-known colleague, in the episode of AEW Dynamite next week in Rochester.

New details on Bray Wyatt's future

According to reports from Ringside News Bray Wyatt and the AEW have already discussed in the last few days but a lot will depend on the non-competition clause with the WWE, a clause that usually lasts 90 days for the athletes of the Main Roster.

If WWE agrees to approve the waiver of this clause Bray Wyatt could immediately go elsewhere and the AEW would perhaps be in pole position for the signing of him. Obviously, these are only 'deductions' as the wrestler has not made any requests to WWE at the moment.

In recent weeks, the former leader of the Wyatt Family himself has been leaving interesting clues as to what the character could do with him shortly. With a cryptic tweet (and in his style) Windham Rotunda (athlete's real name) predicted his arrival in AEW with the following message: "Everything will be clear, we'll see you very soon.

Revenge is a confession of pain." With this tweet, Bray Wyatt answers questions from a curious fan. Since Adam Cole, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson's arrival in AEW, the company has gathered a lot of buzz. Having another former WWE Champion join their ranks will be yet another boost for the young promotion.

Wyatt was one of the leading merchandise sellers in WWE and his release came as a big surprise to many. He's believed to be a very creative person and will be a big asset to AEW. Wyatt can not only lead The Dark Order, which was formerly led by Brodie Lee but could also have storylines with his former tag team partner Matt Hardy.