Adam Cole Speaks About His Talks With WWE Prior to Joining AEW

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Adam Cole Speaks About His Talks With WWE Prior to Joining AEW

Adam Cole spoke about his talks with WWE prior to joining AEW on the Talk is Jericho podcast. Adam Cole is one of AEW’s latest signings and he did not sign with WWE even though he could. He was a very popular star in NXT at the time that he left.

He was one of NXT’s most valuable champions. He revealed what he spoke about with WWE prior to leaving.

Adam Cole Speaks About Finalizing Deal With AEW Quickly

“Naturally, I’ve always been curious or excited at the idea of working for AEW between the roster, the fans,” Cole admitted.

“I don’t mean to sound cliché, but the fans are the best fans in the world. When you watch the shows, you can tell too. I think about all these different, cool matches I could have, how much I get along with everybody.

So I was always interested, but then when it came time to make the decision, which again, kind of fell into my lap. I was expecting to have this conversation in December”. “They talked to me a few days prior to my contract expiring.

Literally, it was like four days until my deal was up and they asked me if I’d be interested in signing an extension, which, to me, was a no brainer because I was in the middle of a feud with Kyle O’Reilly, who’s one of my best friends.

So I’m like, cool, yeah. At the very least, I’ll do this and finish that with him. But as far as actually deciding where I wanted to go, it’s kind of a really boring story”. According to some reports, WWE officials did not know that Cole’s contract was expiring soon and they were caught off guard.

Tony Khan previously disputed reports about AEW entering negotiations with Adam Cole. Cole revealed that the AEW deal was actually done extremely quickly. “Days before, it was close because my contract had just expired very recently.

It was like a week and a half, maybe, before,” Adam Cole recalled. “It was very, very quick, so I couldn’t even really talk to Tony until then. That’s why the decision happened so last minute. I couldn’t have a discussion if I wanted to.

To have that discussion with him and then make the decision, and just think that a few days later I would be All Out was pretty cool. It all happened so fast”.