Adam Cole Speaks About People Supporting His Decision to Join AEW

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Adam Cole Speaks About People Supporting His Decision to Join AEW

Adam Cole is a former WWE NXT wrestler, and he recently spoke about the people that supported his decision to join AEW. AEW is still a relatively new wrestling promotion and is still miles behind WWE. Adam Cole is a former NXT Champion and he is currently one of AEW’s top signings.

WWE is still the largest wrestling promotion in the world and a wrestler has to be extremely brave to leave the WWE and sign with another wrestling promotion. Adam Cole stated that many people supported his decision, on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

Adam Cole Speaks About Receiving Support for AEW Decision

“I told Hunter (Triple H) and Shawn [Michaels], and both of them could not have been more supportive. It was awesome,” Cole stated. “I had a really, really long conversation with Shawn, and of course, he wishes that there could be a world where me and him could still see each other a lot, and talk, and work together and stuff, but he wants me to be as happy as possible, be as successful as possible.

And he could tell how excited I was to come here, and I had his support 100%. And then Hunter, again, could not have been cooler, more understanding, appreciative of the four years that we’ve worked together. So I’m lucky the relationship I formed with those guys”.

Adam Cole also spoke about his contract negotiations with Vince McMahon and whether or not he could get a spot on the main roster. “I believe so because we never really had a discussion of if he was saying, ‘Yeah, I’m doing everything in my power to get you to RAW or Smackdown.

He was very supportive of me and in a lot of ways, protective of me,” Adam Cole described. “He really believed in what I brought to the table, both in the ring and on the mic. He really was happy with kind of the vibe that I gave in the locker room.

I’m an annoyingly optimistic, positive person, but that’s important for locker rooms to have a couple of them. He was always someone that just really believed in me. Whether that be at NXT, or RAW or SmackDown, he was with me all the way”.