Bryan Danielson Comments on Working with WWE Writers

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Bryan Danielson Comments on Working with WWE Writers
Bryan Danielson Comments on Working with WWE Writers (Provided by Wrestling World)

Bryan Danielson is one of AEW’s top stars, and he spoke about the process of working with WWE writers. Bryan Danielson was actually Daniel Bryan in WWE. He was one of WWE’s top stars several months ago. His last match was against Roman Reigns.

He was fighting for the WWE Universal Title at that time. WWE writers have been criticized over the past many years for not listening to the wrestlers. In fact, many hardcore fans believe that WWE writers are not producing good and meaningful storylines that will engage fans.

Bryan spoke about how it was like working with WWE writers.

Bryan Danielson on Speaks About Working With WWE Writers

“Sometimes, I’d go off on a tangent. ‘Hey, this is too far environmental and maybe not focused enough on the show that we’re actually doing.’ I think Robert helped me stay on track.

Eventually, I wasn’t saying anything about the environment at all, but Robert was great because he would throw in little things there, and so I love collaborating with the writers. There’s a real fear of the blank page – the writer thing of, hey, you have to craft your own story, and you want that.

You want that freedom, but then all of a sudden, it’s like, oh no, here’s this blank page. “You can create whatever you want. You’re like, ah, ah! That’s a little bit nerve-racking, but for the last couple of months with WWE, I would get scripts.

But my time in WWE has been pretty much that, always working with a writer but always collaborating, and in the last couple of months, I was part of the creative team a little bit. And so sometimes, very rarely, would I do my own stuff.

‘Hey, what if I said something like this?’ And I might have said that on a Tuesday. I’d show up on a Friday, and then it would be somebody else’s words but a version of what I kind of mentioned, and then we just work together”.

AEW, on the other hand, allows its wrestlers to say whatever they want during promos. This sometimes results in the wrestlers using swear words. Bryan wishes to use this freedom to his advantage. “Well, I’ve already used the s-h-i-t word on TV, but I think it’s all circumstantial,” Bryan Danielson noted.

“I don’t look forward to using curse words, but the one thing that I do look forward to doing is not having to worry about PG in the sense of the actual wrestling. You can just get a little bit more intense and a little bit, I hate to use the word ‘violent’, but a little bit more violent in AEW.

And I think in wrestling, sometimes that’s called for. When you have a big grudge match, people want to see that. I think one thing in WWE is when you start doing the Hell in the Cell matches, there’s no blood or whatever it is. I’m excited for that”.

Bryan Danielson