Bryan Danielson Wishes to Get Kenny Omega Rematch

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Bryan Danielson Wishes to Get Kenny Omega Rematch
Bryan Danielson Wishes to Get Kenny Omega Rematch

Bryan Danielson is a former WWE superstar, and he recently spoke about wanting to get his rematch with Kenny Omega. Bryan has actually fought Kenny Omega in his debut match in AEW. However, he was not able to win the match. Bryan revealed that one of the main reasons why he joined AEW was to fight Kenny Omega, which he could not do when he was with WWE.

Unlike many former WWE wrestlers, Bryan did not speak against the WWE after he joined AEW. Bryan was known as Daniel Bryan in WWE. He won almost all of the most important titles in WWE, including the WWE Title. However, he did not re-sign with the company after his last contract expired.

Bryan Danielson Speaks About Wanting to Climb The AEW Rankings to Fight Kenny Omega

Unlike WWE, AEW has a ranking system. That means a wrestler cannot challenge a champion unless they have a good ranking. Bryan is willing to go through a bunch of wrestlers to challenge Kenny Omega again.

“I get how AEW works, there’s a ranking system, and there’s a ton of guys here that I’d love to kick their heads in for,” Bryan said. “I’m going to go through all of them, and no matter how many guys it takes, my next goal is to go for that AEW Championship”.

Bryan fought Kenny Omega at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam edition. It was his first AEW match after making his debut several weeks ago. He made his debut at AEW Grand Slam alongside Adam Cole. Kenny Omega has held the AEW Title along with many other important titles, including the Impact World Title, during his current AEW run.

He was one of AEW’s top signings when the company launched. His first AEW match was against Chris Jericho. He failed to win that match, and Chris Jericho went on to become the first AEW World Champion. Kenny Omega is still one of AEW’s top stars, even though he has commented in the past that he may consider retirement if his body does not recover well from all the wrestling that he is doing these days.

Bryan Danielson's AEW debut came several weeks after the debut of CM Punk in AEW. CM Punk is also one of AEW’s top signings and many people predict that AEW will overtake the WWE in ratings soon.

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