Lio Rush is ready to make his big comeback

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Lio Rush is ready to make his big comeback

In April 2020 the first wave of layoffs by WWE begins and one of the names that come out is that of Lio Rush, an excellent cruiserweight fighter and former manager of Bobby Lashley on the WWE main roster. Just a month earlier the wrestler had opened up to fans on social media about his depression issues: "Miserable, depressed, confused, angry and honestly scared.

I had a real mental blackout and I'm sick of feeling sick and tired. A dream has turned into a disastrous reality. A glimpse of what the past has done to my future. Cold and lonely, that's how I felt this morning. I wanted it to end.

I'm here asking for your prayers. Something that many are ashamed to do so. Let me guide you. Let me be your voice. There is no need to feel alone. I am here."

Backstage news on Lio Rush

On June 8, Lio Rush announced that it was time for him to retire from wrestling.

He suffered a shoulder injury in Casino Battle Royale at AEW Double or Nothing. On June 10, Rush posted a statement on social media prior to his shoulder surgery to address the issues that led to his retirement, saying he was satisfied with his career and was happy to move forward as a father and husband.

But now things have changed, in fact during last night's episode of AEW Dynamite, Lio Rush showed himself in a cartoon, talking about his business style saying that he is Lio with LBO (Leverage Buy-Out). We can't wait to see how this story will go on for him in AEW, if he will remain in a more marginal role, perhaps as a manager, or if he will also return to fight, hoping that his mental and physical health problems are now an old story.

and no longer prevent him from living his dream. Back in 2020, Lio Rush and Mark Henry were the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. The duo had an ugly spat which even led to Mark Henry threatening to sue him at one point.

Rush started it off by stating via Twitter that the WWE Hall of Famer was someone who buried African-American talent. Henry lashed out by highlighting how he helped many talents of color get jobs in WWE. He also added that Rush was just looking for attention so that the latter could promote his new album.