Why is Kenny Omega considered the best wrestler in the world?

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Why is Kenny Omega considered the best wrestler in the world?

Each year, the very illustrious magazine of the pro-wrestling world, the PWI, draws up its personal ranking of the 500 best athletes in the world of the discipline, with the first places that are obviously held for the most important Superstars of the entire panorama of companies world championships, with WWE and AEW, which obviously made it this year.

In the special ranking of the PWI, not only the victories and the in-ring skills but also the performance of the character in his storyline phase are counted, with this ranking that is not strictly related to the taste of the fans or the skills of the individual.

wrestler, for technique or audacity, as much as a real ranking in a marking key. This year, at the top of this important list, instead of seeing a WWE Superstar, we found the current AEW World Champion, as well as AAA Mega Champion, Kenny Omega, who for several months also kept the title of IMPACT Wrestling world champion, with his skills which are obviously among the most respected in the world.

Many of the fans of the McMahon-owned company and among the insiders wondered why Roman Reigns was not at the top of the list of the best athletes of last year, stopping at the no. 2 position,

Chris Jericho talks about Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho, a colleague of both athletes, wanted to explain the situation to the microphones of his Talk Is Jericho, saying: "I don't think Roman has had as many great matches as Kenny Omega.

Another proof of what WWE and AEW are, as we have already said, also combined with what Kenny did in Mexico and the IMPACT stuff. And let's put on Omega's gimmick. Maybe Roman can have a more characterized character, but Kenny also solves a lot with Don Callis.

So for me, I think they made the right choice. Kenny is number one and I think Roman is number two." The Best Bout Machine then proceeded to pick up his own action figure and placed it in front of The Fiend and Bryan's.

In another part of the vlog, Kenny Omega addressed the claims that AEW is mainly filled with WWE guys with a profanity-laden message. "75% of this mother****ing roster is from WWE, you know what that automatically means? That they failed at a real sport.

They failed there and they failed at a sport of their choice, now we'll show these pieces of **** how we roll," Omega said.