Could Buddy Murphy be joining AEW?

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Could Buddy Murphy be joining AEW?

In the past few weeks and months, we've seen plenty of former WWE Superstars take to the rings of America's second most famous company: All Elite Wrestling. After the numerous releases arrived in 2020 and then also in this 2021 quite hard for the federation roster, many athletes who were part of the WWE roster have had to fall back for their future in another company of global importance, such as IMPACT Wrestling, the NPJW or the AEW.

Many other wrestlers are still looking for some more stable work, given that the non-competition clause with WWE is still in place, while many others seem to have found an agreement with some company, but are just waiting to do their own debut in the rings of this company.

Former WWE Superstar Buddy Murphy lashed out at AEW superstar Brian Cage in a recent tweet. Cage also replied to Murphy's tweet with some harsh words. The banter came after their match was canceled recently. In July 2021, Brian Cage shared an Instagram post announcing he will be facing Buddy Murphy at ECW Arena on September 18.

Latest update on Buddy Murphy

On the second anniversary of the first Dynamite show in AEW history, the company's management will hold a Casino Ladder match valid for a titled match, in which several athletes have already been announced.

At the moment, the only certain ones for this match are: Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy, Pac, Andrade El Idolo, Jon Moxley and Lance Archer, while instead there will certainly also be some other surprise athlete, with the usual wild card that will be present as in every Casino Battle Royale of the past.

According to various sites in the sector, the former WWE Buddy Murphy could be hiding behind this joker, now back to being Buddy Matthews, with the ex-boyfriend of Aalyah Mysterio, who would also have posted a tweet in the past few hours, (then magically disappeared ), in which he had uploaded a photo of a joker of the cards on his social profile.

At the moment, there are still no certainties about the presence of the former WWE in that of Dynamite, but now the rumors are galloping fast on the web and many others have also made the name of several other former WWE athletes, who however have no basis anywhere.

still. We will have to wait until Wednesday to find out who will be behind the wild card that will surely make someone jump from the chair among the fans waiting for Dynamite, as always happens.