Brandi Rhodes Speaks About Rhodes to the Top Reality TV Show

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Brandi Rhodes Speaks About Rhodes to the Top Reality TV Show

Brandi Rhodes is AEW’s Chief Brand Officer and she spoke about Rhodes to the Top Reality TV show. Brandi is also a performer on AEW and is the wife of Cody Rhodes. She stated that she did not expect to receive a very positive review on the Busted Open Radio.

However, she was pleasantly surprised when she received a lot of positive reviews from the viewers.

Brandi Rhodes Says That She is Surprised About Receiving So Many Positive Reviews

“I have to say that I’m very pleasantly surprised by the response to Rhodes to the Top,” Rhodes said.

“Everybody just wants to not like everything, that’s just where we’re at right now in the world. Traditionally, in wrestling, reality shows have taken on a lot, but they continue to be watched and do well, so I don’t know what that says about everybody.

At the same time, I went into it with ‘hey, I’m not really going to pay attention to anything that’s being said about the show. Because it’s just going to be the usual ‘we hate it because it’s not whatever.’ And that wasn’t the case at all.

“I actually was kind of bombarded with a lot of congratulatory texts. People from the network really, really loved the response to the show, so that kind of inspired me to go ‘oh, I’ll actually look at this then, and peak online and see what people are saying.’ And the positivity was insane, it was crazy.

I’m very, very happy, and shocked, and glad that people are enjoying it. And I will say that it started off kind of mild, and it’s going to get rocking starting this week. So if you liked last week, you’re going to really like what’s coming”.

Brandi then stated she hasn’t spoken about the first episode with any of Cody’s family members. “I haven’t talked to anybody about it, to be honest,” Brandi Rhodes said. “Nobody has talked to me about it.

I got messages from other members of the family. We have a closeness with a lot of Cody’s aunts. They reached out and said ‘this is great. I loved it, can’t wait for more.’ My family, of course, they’re super supportive.

They loved it and they’re looking forward to what’s next. But yeah, I haven’t talked to anybody else. So if you’re question is ‘did I talk to Teil about it?’, hell to the no. No. We ain’t talking like that”.