Brie Bella Speaks About Talking to Bryan Danielson About Joining AEW

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Brie Bella Speaks About Talking to Bryan Danielson About Joining AEW

Brie Bella is the wife of former WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is now known as Bryan Danielson. He was one of WWE’s most popular superstars and is a former WWE Champion. Brie Bella is also a former WWE superstar and retired a few years ago.

Brie Bella was with Bryan when he left WWE. She was on Sippin’ the Tea TV Show, where she spoke about Bryan’s decision to join AEW. Bryan actually wanted to re-sign with WWE but decided to join AEW to fight wrestlers such as Kenny Omega at AEW.

Brie spoke about how it felt to see her husband back inside a professional wrestling ring.

Brie Bella Talks About The Bryan Making his AEW Debut

“It was amazing,” Brie said. “All summer long, he kept contemplating, he kept going back and forth because he took the summer off.

I just remember every day, he honestly didn’t know where he was going to end up and then finally, one day, it spoke to him. I was like, I’m not helping you make this decision, you are 40 years old. This is probably going to be your last run, so you have to just let your heart tell you where to go.

I was like, just because I’m with WWE doesn’t mean you have to be there. I don’t know if I’ll make a comeback. I told Nicole maybe in a year or so, but right now in my life, we’re so busy with our companies and the kids.

I’m taking Birdie to school, that’s a whole thing in itself. “I go back and forth. It’s hard because I’m a mom first, so I’m all about my kids. When I did the comeback, the second one, and leaving Birdie every week, it was hard.

Mentally, I was like, how am I going to get through this? It would be hard to leave both kids home, especially with Bryan on the road every week”. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella's sister, also joined the conversation to speak about a potential return.

Unlike Brie, Nikki was forced to retire after suffering multiple neck injuries. “I would love one day when Matteo is three and he knows it to have my son be ringside while his mom kicks ass, that would be amazing to me,” Nikki said.

“But because he is my everything, I have to listen to the doctors, and as of now, they’ve put me on the retired bench for life. So it would just take a lot of scans and x-rays for them to actually approve me to do a run, so that would be years down the round.

I’ve realized I’m meant to be a winemaker. I know I am where my soul is meant to be, the wine industry, and winemaking, and anything with wine, I am happy. It’s my happy place”.