AEW introduces a new title

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AEW introduces a new title

Towards the end of September, we told you that a new mysterious belt was coming for AEW created by RED Leather, a company that creates all the company's belts. To give us a small spoiler of the possible new belt was the journalist Andrew Zarian, who in recent months has thrown many bombs in the field of wrestling with this tweet: “I have heard some rumors of a new title that will be introduced in AEW soon.

It will be a secondary title for women." With reinforcement from journalist Denise Salcedo: “AEW NEWS REPORT: @AndrewZarian reported some news on my show today. He said there will be a secondary Women's Championship title in AEW and it will be a TBS Championship belt."

AEW introduces the TBS Championship

In last night's episode of AEW Dynamite, Tony Khan's company officially announced that the women's division is being awarded another title: the TBS Championship. In the ring to make the announcement were Tony Schiavone and female referee Aubrey Edwards, who showed us the belt which, despite being full of very important meaning, left the fans perplexed about the design.

To decree the first champion of this new prestigious title, there will be a tournament that will allow one of the female fighters on the AEW roster to be crowned as the first TBS champion in history. We remind you that AEW Dynamite will move to TBS Network starting from January 5, 2022, while AEW Rampage will remain with TNT, so presumably, the TNT title will remain active.

Also at this moment the AEW Women's Champion, for now, remains Britt Baker, but with the introduction of this new title there will certainly be the possibility of giving more space to the women of the company who do not necessarily all have to be part of secondary rivalries, match only made to Dark or that they no longer have to just chase the title of the dentist.

The scenario is getting wider and wider. With the hope that this belt will finally be the right turning point for the AEW women's division, let's add a piece to the Women's Revolution. The WCW legend was present in the ring, talking about AEW Dynamite's move to TBS from the TNT network early next year.

Furthermore, Schiavone disclosed that the first TBS Champion would be determined with a tournament beginning in January. Official Aubrey Edwards then unveiled the title, the design of which has elicited a mixed reaction from fans on Twitter.

It's a welcome move by AEW as the promotion's women's division has gone from strength to strength in recent months. The division is stacked with young and talented performers who would benefit from an additional title to fight for.