CM Punk Speaks About The Effects New AEW Stars Will Have

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CM Punk Speaks About The Effects New AEW Stars Will Have

CM Punk is one of AEW’s top stars and he spoke about the effects that new AEW stars will have on the promotion. AEW has started a number of popular former WWE stars in a matter of few weeks. These include Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Adam Cole.

According to various reports, the WWE Officials were furious when they felt that CM Punk was going to join AEW. Many hardcore fans and journalists predicted that CM Punk’s debut in AEW would boost AEW ratings and get it a step closer to WWE.

This has kind of happened, as CM Punk’s arrival in AEW definitely gave them the huge boost that they needed.

CM Punk Believes It Will Take Several Years Before AEW Starts Seeing Benefits

That being said, CM Punk was on Sport1.

Over there, he stated that it would taker several years before AEW starts seeing benefits from signing all the superstars. “How much the change from Adam Cole, Bryan Danielson and me really affects wrestling, you will only see it fully in many years, at least five.

When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash went to WCW, it was big. The formation of the New World Order (nWo) with Hulk Hogan was huge, but if you look at the long-term effects, it burned out relatively quickly,” Punk explained.

“Five years later, WCW came to an end. So ask me in five years where will AEW be. As for the comparison, I never said Adam, Bryan, and I were bigger than the nWo, I said the change felt bigger for us than the changes back then.

This is my opinion. Others may disagree, that’s cool too. In five years, you will be able to judge it correctly. ” CM Punk believes that the reason why many wrestlers prefer AEW over the WWE is that AEW gives more creative freedom to its wrestlers.

WWE is known for having overly scripted promos which limit the ability of wrestlers to really shine. “It’s the perfect storm. For 20 years, fans have only been able to see one product at a certain level, so something new is good from the outset.

As a wrestler, you want to be with AEW because you have a lot of creative freedom there. That doesn’t mean that you can do what you want there. But everyone can bring in ideas, nobody is afraid of getting a negative echo," CM Punk said.

“You can work here, have fun, and earn good money with it. I still have in my head how many people have been criticized for not going together, including me. ‘Do you want to have fun here or do you want to make money?’ That was the question and I always answered, ‘Why shouldn’t it actually be possible to bring both under one roof? We can make a lot of money and have fun, and the fact that this is happening at AEW attracts many wrestlers. ”