Will Thunder Rosa win the TBS title?

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Will Thunder Rosa win the TBS title?

Last Wednesday the AEW presented to the public the new TBS title for the women's division, which is the equivalent of the TNT title for the men's division, a choice made for a specific reason. In fact, from January 5, 2022, AEW Dynamite will move to TBS, while AEW Rampage will remain on TNT, so the company wanted to create a title also for the new broadcaster that will host it.

For the occasion, a tournament has been announced where the women under contract with the AEW will fight against each other in order to reach the final and win this new belt and make history. Thunder Rosa received high praise earlier this year for being part of the first-ever women's main event on AEW Dynamite in a Lights Out match against Britt Baker.

The former NWA Women's Champion has made a name for herself by wrestling all over the world during her career.

Will Thunder Rosa win the TBS title?

Surely the AEW female roster is full of real talents who deserve the belt, but the names we read and hear more often from the announcement are those of Ruby Soho, formerly Ruby Riott who recently joined the company, and Thunder Rosa, also her.

recently arrived from the NWA even if it has already appeared a few times in AEW in the previous months. Interviewed on ADFreeShows, Rosa commented on the new belt and the possibility of being able to keep it to life: "Right now, time will tell.

I'm really happy to work in a place where I'm happy and able to be me, no matter what. whether I have a belt or not, which doesn't define me, which doesn't define who Thunder Rosa is and what it's made of.

I don't care about the result, I only care when I'm in the ring, whoever is in the ring with me will see her ass kicked. I give everything I have and I won't let anyone fool me, whether I win or not. I already did a tournament to become the number one contender and Nyla beat me.

With that, I'm not going to let anyone beat me easily. Not again." So let's say Thunder Rosa is more than ready to take that title home even though she doesn't believe she can define her as a performer, but that already her performance in her ring can speak for her.

Earlier this year, Thunder Rosa tweeted that she wanted a match against Mickie James. Now that James has left WWE, this may be a possibility in the near future.