Ricky Starks Speaks About His Broken Neck

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Ricky Starks Speaks About His Broken Neck

Ricky Starks is well-known for being a member of the popular AEW group Team Taz, and he recently spoke about the horrific neck injury that he suffered in April. Ricky Starks returned to the ring shortly after his injury, even though many wrestlers would probably allow their broken neck to completely heal.

On Instinct Culture, Ricky Starks revealed that his neck would take at least 2 years to fully heal, but he can still wrestle during this time.

Ricky Starks Talks Openly About the State of His Broken Neck

“The situation is that I’ve been cleared since July.

I had a match in Austin and that was my first match after the neck injury, and I’ve been cleared thereafter,” Starks said. “For whatever reason, people just put together ‘well he isn’t on TV because of that.’ That was never stated, that was never confirmed or anything like that.

I do appreciate having the time off though, to further heal up my neck. “When you have a broken neck when you have a fractured neck, whatever type of bone that is broken, you have 3/4 months that it’s healed, but to fully heal it takes like 2 years.

That’s just from a doctor’s point – a bone doesn’t fully heal until 2 years after,” he added. “So I am always gonna have that, but to have the time off and to have the time where I am still on TV and commentating and things like that, I am very appreciative of it, especially AEW giving me that time to slow it down and take my time with it.

Anyone else could have rushed me back into the ring”. Ricky Starks currently holds the FTW Title. He used this opportunity to talk about the FTW title and the people that think that the title is not a real title. “I like the challenge of having the FTW belt because I don’t fit the stereotypical mold of what that is as history has shown.

We have Taz who is a very hard-nosed, badass basically, and I am a badass in my own right…. I would like to have an open challenge for it. Regardless of whether people recognize it as a real thing or not, the fact of the matter is I am a champion regardless, and at the end of the day, I will remain a champion.

So it would be cool for me to have somebody to come and challenge, or I throw out the bait and see who catches it. But I think, for me, most important is that it’s Ricky’s title, it’s Ricky’s vision of what it is, and no one can say it differently. I can have the type of momentum that the TNT title had with the open challenges and things like that”.