Lio Rush Speaks About His Brief Retirement

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Lio Rush Speaks About His Brief Retirement

Lio Rush is a former WWE Superstar and he spoke about his brief retirement from professional wrestling. Lio Rush is now an AEW superstar. Lio was a very controversial wrestler in WWE and to recover from his personal issues. Lio Rush has also criticized WWE several times after he left.

On Oral Sessions, he spoke about wanting to say away from professional wrestling for a while to recover from his shoulder injury. He was also didn’t want anything to do with professional wrestling during that time.

Lio Rush Speaks About Staying Away From Professional Wrestling

“I’m the kind of person where I don’t like to agree with something or I don’t go with something, I’ll just say ‘f**k it, it’s whatever, I don’t care that much,'” Rush said.

“I don’t put that much energy into it. But it came down to a point where, within wrestling, I think I got a lot thrown at me very quickly. And the only thing I knew how to do was adapt and adjust who I was and what I was used to try and fit within that space that I was in.

But I don’t think a lot of people agreed with that. I think I had a lot of anger in me, I had a lot of resentment. Early in my career, I didn’t really understand why people felt certain ways. “And it’s okay to feel a certain way because I get it.

I understand that this is a hard business and sometimes you have guys that spend ten, fifteen years putting everything into it, and some don’t get out what they put in. It hurts and it sucks. I can understand even someone like me, and I’m not the only one, where they’ll get signed or get pushed in a way where you wish that was you, or you wish you had that kind of momentum behind you.

I just think I got a lot thrown at me really quickly, and politics played a huge role. I had a lot of people try to tear me down, I had a lot of people try to, get ahead of the curve in a way”. Lio Rush also spoke about the fans and the people that believe that he was cocky during his WWE run.

“I think a lot of people thought I was super cocky,” Lio Rush said. “And that, honestly, hurt me to my core. It sucks when that’s the stigma about you. And I think me, I’m just a very driven person, I’m very confident in my abilities.

I know what I’m capable of, as everyone else does. I think a lot of people thought that I was cocky. This wasn’t the case at all. I just believe in myself so much, I’m a self-motivating kind of person. I like speaking things into existence, I like saying that I’m going to do something and then doing it. Not for anybody else but for me”.