Tony Khan Speaks About Competing with WWE

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Tony Khan Speaks About Competing with WWE

The President of AEW, Tony Khan appeared on Barstool Rasslin’ where he spoke about competing with one of WWE’s major brands for the first time. For the first time, WWE chose to run Smackdown on the same day as Rampage.

Tony stated that WWE’s plans will not affect his plans for the show and he will continue to run the show according to the original plans as he believes true wrestling fans will flock over to AEW and not the WWE.

Tony Khan Speaks About Going Head To Head With WWE Smackdown For the Very First Time

“I’ve been talking, but really actions speak louder than words.

And they’re the ones that put a show head to head against me,” Khan said. “My point is I had that time slot peaked out because I wasn’t trying to compete for head to head. I was trying to give the fans the opportunity to watch their wrestling.

I’m coining a phrase; watch your wrestling. WYW, watch your wrestling. I feel like fans should be able to watch whatever they want, and I love that AEW has become the choice for so many fans. We had six straight weeks where AEW Dynamite had been the number one show on cable on Wednesdays.

And now with Dynamite being moved to the weekend, it’s a great opportunity to do Friday Night Rampage and Saturday Night Dynamite and give a weekend to the fans. It’s cool because it’s a party. So I think it’s a great chance for us to go down to Miami and embrace the fans.

We’ve got huge cards Friday and Saturday." Tony Khan then said, “If someone wants to compete and come head to head with me, I’ll say it straight up that I plan to put on a better show. The odds may be against us, but I don’t care.

I believe the wrestling fans have rallied around AEW every time. We’ve had great cards, great moments and the fans have stepped up, whether it was the first PPV where we hadn’t done a show and we sold over 100,000 PPV’s worldwide.

Or all through the pandemic, the great support of the fans watching Dynamite every week and buying the PPV’s. Every PPV we’ve ever done has gone up year over year, which shows you the movement is growing and growing.

And I really believe as we head into Full Gear on November 13, the support we’re going to get this weekend is going to really back the company at an important time. Now’s the time. We signed CM Punk, we signed Bryan Danielson, we signed Adam Cole, we signed Ruby Soho.

We already have the top stars and we could go on for hours on how great the young wrestlers are in AEW, how bright the future is”.