Brian Cage Speaks About WWE Rescinding his Contract

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Brian Cage Speaks About WWE Rescinding his Contract
Brian Cage Speaks About WWE Rescinding his Contract

Brian Cage is a popular AEW superstar and he spoke about WWE Rescinding his contract. Brian Cage was originally going to sign with WWE and he actually did. However, he could never make his debut even though he did very well at his tryout.

Brian Cage left Impact Wrestling in 2019 and after that, he joined AEW after WWE rescinded his contract. Brian Cage spoke about the entire thing at Dynamite Download.

Brian Cage Talks About Never Making His WWE Debut

“In WWE, they rescind your contract,” Cage said.

“I actually got resigned to WWE and they rescinded my contract. It’s happened to quite a few people, that’s what happened to Nigel McGuiness when he got signed there, he got his contract rescinded. ‘Oh, we’re going to rescind that contract, hit us up in 6 months,’ which is a kick in the pants right.

Tony [Khan] was super cool about it and he said ‘Don’t worry, it’s fine, we still want you, we believe in you and we’re still going to sign you. Go ahead and get the surgery, rehab it, get ready, we’ll pay you and when you’re ready let me know.’ So, nobody would’ve done that and it’s understandable too.

“I use this analogy of if I’m trying to buy a car, I was going to buy a brand new Corvette but they were out of stock till July of next year, and I’m like, why would I pay for a car that I don’t even have for a year? So it’s kind of the same boat, why would you pay someone who you can’t use for x-amount of time? I wouldn’t have been mad at [WWE], it’s a business.

It’s your job to make money. The injury didn’t happen on [AEWs] watch and they really didn’t have to do that at all, but the fact that they did, I’m very much extremely thankful for that”. Brian Cage then spoke about the FTW title and stated why he didn’t like the idea of the title just being handed to him.

“The FCW title, which I never asked for, it was gifted, it was handed to me,” Brian Cage said. “That’s neat but it isn’t something that I asked for or anything that I needed. More so, we never did really that much with it, so it was cool but I was indifferent on the whole thing.

And obviously, how it all ended, how I lost it and everything else doesn’t sit very well with me. I do think that the more we’ve gotten with this thing, it’s taken longer than it should have, and now to this point, yes, I want my retribution and I still want to beat Ricky Starks.

But at the same time, I’m almost okay with moving on just to move on at this point. The idea of finally actually moving away from Team Taz and doing something else would be good as well. Come this weekend, if we move in a totally different direction, I’m not going to be terribly offended by it”.

Brian Cage

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