Jim Cornette opens up on CM Punk

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Jim Cornette opens up on CM Punk

Since making his sensational debut in All Elite Wrestling a few weeks ago, CM Punk has been involved in three matches (two of which aired during the weekly episodes). The former WWE world champion will try to extend his winning streak on Friday evening when he faces Matt Sydal.

It should be remembered that the AEW show will have to manage an overlap of about half an hour with SmackDown, with a special episode of the blue brand scheduled. In addition to the aforementioned Punk, we will see the meeting between Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki, while Bobby Fish will meet Lee Moriarty.

Over the past month, All Elite Wrestling has definitely taken over WWE in the ratings, especially in the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. Within his 'Drive-Thru' podcast, pro-wrestling legend Jim Cornette has taken a detailed look at CM Punk's situation.

From his point of view, a star of the caliber of the 'Straight Edge' has no need to play so many matches on television.

Jim Cornette on CM Punk

“CM Punk debuted in AEW a few weeks ago and has already played a large number of televised matches.

Tony Khan's company believes that making him fight so often has a positive impact on ratings. I'm not convinced” - explained Jim Cornette. “I was the one who said that Punk should have earned his place in AEW and that he should have climbed the ranks with sweat.

At the same time, I don't see how he can become more popular than he was before his debut. His opponents are sacrificing themselves to make him shine, without this move having a concrete value in terms of ratings. Bruno Sammartino hasn't fought on TV for years and years when he was the champion, the same goes for Hulk Hogan.

Punk should follow a similar path” - he added. A comment on the overlap between AEW and WWE could not be missing: "I would be surprised if AEW Rampage didn't beat SmackDown in that half-hour. Many people may not even know that WWE will not air on FOX”.

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, JBL said he wanted to help the future of the wrestling business by making CM Punk look strong. “I had a chance to put over CM Punk when he first came in, [John] Cena, and those guys.

That was my role and I said, ‘I’m gonna put you over as strong as possible.’ I remember the first time we were in Madison Square Garden, me and CM Punk, we were in the last match. I said, ‘You gotta make your name in The Garden.

I’m gonna work my a** off tonight for you and I’ll put you over right in the middle,’ which is what was called. It wasn’t like I came up with that,” JBL said.