The contract of many AEW superstars is expiring

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The contract of many AEW superstars is expiring

We know that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is often criticized for having a roster too full of talent, new and older and that you never understand how the management will end up for them, but that doesn't stop the fans from always supporting them all.

Specific details about their contracts are not publicly available, but of course, there are some speculations we can all make to try to better understand the plight of individual ring employees. For example, by calculating that the first talents were signed in January 2019, when the company opened its doors, we can very well find a logical answer that leads us to establish the near expiration of some contracts.

WWE vs. AEW is amongst the biggest conversations in the wrestling world today. With their statuses as the two top promotions, it's no secret there is competition for which is the best in the industry. It has gotten to a level of tribalism on social media where someone can't say anything good about one side without the other stepping in.

AEW: Which contracts are expiring?

According to what Dave Meltzer reported in his Wrestling Observer News, many contracts in AEW will expire next year, or in 2022, or even in 2023, and even if we do not have the precise names, we know that they exist and that they could soon become free agents.

if they don't renew. "Many of the key deals will expire in 2022 and 2023, and an extension for that long for a talent who isn't young tells you they are confident enough to commit to a long-term future..."

According to Ringside News, the contracts are not all in one, but some talents may have signed deals for one, two or three years or even five, like that of Cody Rhodes. For example, Scorpio Sky and Britt Baker recently signed multi-year contracts, it is said for five years and both were part of the original roster, so as a result other well-known colleagues of theirs could also be at the end of their contracts and have to renew them or leave.

Among this we find for example: the Young Bucks, Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, MJF. Referee Aubrey Edwards also renewed with the company this month. So please, keep your eyes peeled for your idols, who could renew their trust in Tony Khan or explore new territories to change the air and engage in new adventures never experienced before, especially those who were born and developed in AEW.