Jim Ross Wants CM Punk to Commentate

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Jim Ross Wants CM Punk to Commentate

Jim Ross is one of the best professional wrestling commentators of all time, and he recently stated that he wants CM Punk to commentate regularly. CM Punk joined AEW nearly a month ago. Since then, he has competed several times on AEW TV and already has made a huge impact on the professional wrestling industry.

CM Punk did commentary on the 2nd of September. It was the show prior to AEW All Out. On his podcast, Jim Ross stated that he’d love to work with CM Punk in the future. He also stated that he isn’t saying that his current partners are not as good as him.

Jim Ross Reveals That He Wants CM Punk to Commentate More Often

“He’s a natural,” Ross said. “Punk is a natural at doing commentary. There’s no doubt in my mind, and one of my goals somewhere down the road would be to do a show on a regular basis with CM Punk.

I think we could be terrific together. I know how he thinks, how he works, you can feed him things. I’m the point guard, I’ve got to get him the ball and that’s what I’d like to try and do at some point in time.

I’m not knocking working with Tony or Excalibur, even though that’s what it’s going to be made to be”. Jim Ross then spoke about MJF referencing VP Bruce Prichard. MJF spent time with Bruce on MLW. Jim Ross stated that he didn’t think for a moment that it would happen, but he believes Tony Khan had a reason to allow it.

“That shocked me,” Ross said. “I didn’t have any idea they were going to do it. That was MJF going into business with him and Tony Khan. You kind of give MJF his leeway. Knowing Tony Khan and MJF as I do, I think it’s all a part of a storyline.

I don’t think they just threw it out there to get a pop, I think there’s something to it in the backend. We’ll just have to wait and see”. Tony Khan recently announced that AEW will partner with the Own Hard Foundation.

He announced it on the 20th of September. AEW will hold an annual tournament called “The Owen Hart Cup Tournament”. The Winner of the tournament will be called “The Owen”. Ross revealed that he is quite happy with the partnership.

“I’m so glad AEW is doing some stuff with Owen’s family and his widow Martha,” Jim Ross said. “It’s all intended in the best of ways, it will be done in a classy way like the late Owen Hart was”.