Kenny Omega silences his haters

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Kenny Omega silences his haters

The skills in the ring of the AEW World Champion, Kenny Omega, need no introduction and are indisputable. His reign for the AEW title was excellent for several fans, thanks to the many high-level matches he played. During his career, Kenny Omega, has built a fantastic reputation playing incredible matches with the best wrestlers around.

Omega is in fact considered, by many, one of the best of all time, especially because he shared the ring with several greats of the discipline. In last month's episode of AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega played a classic wrestling match together, which was loved by several fans and enthusiasts of the discipline, such as Jim Cornette.

The match after a good half hour would have ended in a draw, a decision considered right for most of the fans.

The statements of Kenny Omega

On Twitter, Emi Sakura uploaded a clip in which Kenny Omega admitted that his match against Bryan Danielson was very tough.

Omega said he is still competitive at the highest level on the AEW roster: "It was a tough match. I haven't had a match like that in a long time. Some people said I couldn't do it anymore, I'm not The Cleaner anymore.

I'm no longer the real 'Kenny Omega. But yes, of course, I'm still Kenny Omega! I am the number one of the PWI and there will be a reason." Even for his opponent, Bryan Danielson, it was not an easy match and he revealed it in an interview with WDEL: "When you have a 30-minute match with Kenny Omega at 40 years old and the next day you have a 6-hour flight, no matter how trained you are, you will always have some pain.

I hadn't fought in 5 months and faced Kenny for 30 minutes, then took a 6-hour flight but all in all I was fine. I'm a little tired but if you can keep up with your body and keep fit, it's all manageable."

The Jackson Brothers and Kenny Omega picked up a collectible action figure set containing Daniel Bryan and 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt. Omega acknowledged The Fiend and claimed that he didn't know the other guy (Bryan).

The Best Bout Machine then proceeded to pick up his own action figure and placed it in front of The Fiend and Bryan's. In another part of the vlog, Kenny Omega addressed the claims that AEW is mainly filled with WWE guys with a profanity laden message.

"75% of this mother****ing roster is from WWE, you know what that automatically means? That they failed at a real sport. They failed there and they failed at a sport of their choice, now we'll show these pieces of **** how we roll," Omega said.