Jim Cornette thinks AEW devalued CM Punk

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Jim Cornette thinks AEW devalued CM Punk

For several wrestling fans, CM Punk's debut at AEW Rampage: The First Dance is one of the greatest moments in the federation's history. Despite this, however, the well-known podcaster Jim Cornette thinks that the matches of CM Punk no longer have the same charm as before.

During his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette talked about AEW, CM Punk and his wrestling no longer, in his opinion, of a high level.

Jim Cornette's statements on CM Punk

On CM Punk's debut at Rampage: "On August 20 this program brought CM Punk back into the world of pro wrestling, seven years after the last time.

The show got around 1.2 million viewers. But now Rampage's ratings have dropped. Ratings for the show dropped due to Punk's debut. We certainly expected some drops because the debut of an athlete of his caliber, happens once in a lifetime, it is not possible every week.

The last show, however, dropped dramatically to half of those viewers. Basically, in two months they got half of what the CM Punk comeback show did. It was a situation where one of the biggest superstars of current pro wrestling hadn't entered a ring for seven years and people were curious to see him again, so the show suddenly got big numbers."

On his matches in AEW, Jim Cornette revealed: "Then they wanted to see CM Punk fight Darby Allin, then we saw the match against Daniel Garcia, a great young talent. Then against Matt Sydal, another good young man. But now who will be there next week? The lead singer of Fine Young Cannibals? They devalued the idea of ​​watching CM Punk wrestling on television because everyone knows he will beat Daniel Garcia, Matt Sydal and many others. "