Tony Khan Comments on WWE Backstage

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Tony Khan Comments on WWE Backstage

Tony Khan was at the Monaco Streaming Film Festival and he spoke about WWE Backstage over there. He spoke about AEW having a show in the future that will be very similar to WWE Backstage. Tony Khan revealed that he was not a fan of WWE Backstage.

“I didn’t agree with WWE Backstage at all. I didn’t think that was a good format, and I actually had been pitched to do a format like that for AEW and I refused. I don’t think wrestling fans want to see that format.

I think when wrestling fans tune into a wrestling show, they want to watch the wrestlers wrestle. Backstage, to me, should be like a lower budget, streaming-type show. I don’t know if it had legs to carry as a TV show even though the people involved with it are awesome.

And a lot of them work for me now, and they’re huge stars, but like, I want to see CM Punk wrestle. I want to watch Christian Cage wrestle, and that, to me, is the bread and butter”.

Tony Khan Is Open To AEW Having Its Own Talkshow in The Future

According to Tony, the talk show format would work on a streaming service.

AEW has a YouTube channel, but they do not have a live talk show yet. He stated that he is open-mindeddt3x8=x about having a talk show in the future. Tony Khan said, “[Barstool Sports] asked me about it, and there’s great demand for it.

I’m excited to talk more about it because we’re building, each week, a great library of content. It gets better and better, and we can provide more new content, so I’m excited to tell people about that. But it’s still something that we’re working on.

[Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV] is a different subject, okay? Now, there could be a lot of content that could be FAST content that is not premium content. I’m never going to put the $50 pay-per-views or every episode of Dynamite on FAST.

It’s just not going to make sense, but there may be some of our programming like Dark and things like that, which are our developmental shows. Or even some of these things we’re talking about like conversational shows– that’s great for FAST.

Like, I would much rather have a couple of people have a cup of coffee and talk about wrestling on FAST. It feels like a much more appropriate place for people to sit down and watch that than on network television”.