Doc Gallows Speaks about WWE Wanting to Destroy Indies

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Doc Gallows Speaks about WWE Wanting to Destroy Indies

Doc Gallows is a famous NJPW wrestler and he spoke about the WWE wanting to destroy the indies. Doc Gallows is well known for being a WWE wrestler along with his tag team partner Karl Anderson. He is currently part of The Good Brothers with Karl Anderson.

Gallows revealed the attitude that the WWE had towards other wrestling companies while he was working there.

Doc Gallows Reveals WWE Attitude Towards Other Wrestling Companies

“I did hear this, WWE, I know at one point, there was a philosophy, which I hated hearing when I was working, they basically wanted to get rid of all the indies and have everything self-produced by them, and this was before AEW had officially launched,” Gallows revealed.

“And that was kind of the plan. Hey, we’re trying to buy Ring of Honor, for example. I don’t know if that’s one of them, but they probably tried. But luckily, these people held up and said no, and then AEW happens and now we’re seeing it’s fruitful for everybody, which is really important because if it’s a monopoly, we all know it’s boring.

“This (the indies) is the lifeblood and the grassroots of what pro wrestling is. It needs it for its function. Where do you get people from? Grab them (an indie star) and make them we want them. They’re all gonna be the same.

I remember when I first signed too, a couple of years before that, everybody that came out of OVW looked like they were ready to step on the bodybuilding stage. They all wore trunks. They all had the same haircut. It was like a meat factory.

Darby Allin would have never had a job. We would have never known where Darby Allin is. He never would have gotten a chance”. He then praised AEW for allowing wrestlers that work for other promotions to get inside a WWE ring to fight AEW wrestlers.

“You’ve got to give so much credit to Tony too. To be around him for the last almost year now and everything, he’s such a fan of a professional wrestler,” Doc Gallows said. “He’s like I am or you guys sitting in the chairs where he’s like, ‘Oh man, it would be super awesome if we get this guy and then bring this guy who we’ve never seen together and have this dream match.’ Who would have ever imagined two complete different genres of how we do this art form that you’re gonna see Chris Jericho wrestle Nick Gage on primetime television on TNT”.