Paul Wight on Traveling with Other Wrestlers

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Paul Wight on Traveling with Other Wrestlers

Paul Wight was known as the Big Show in WWE, and he spoke about traveling with other wrestlers on the road. Paul Wight was known as the world’s largest athlete. He was on the Charlie Marlow & 590 THE FAN KFNS Radio St.

where he spoke about it. Paul Wight is currently working as an AEW Broadcaster. He was one of the most well-known wrestlers in the WWE. His career has spanned nearly 20 years. He stated that he liked so many wrestlers that it is difficult to just pick one.

Paul Wight Speaks About His Favorite Wrestlers to Travel With

“So many different guys that I’ve spent so much time with over the years have had such great, great stories with Kurt Angle, who was amazing to travel with,” Wight said.

“I rode with probably one of the greatest athletes and greatest entertainers in Kurt Angle. He was amazing. He was so amazing in the ring but so humble and an absolute klutz outside of the ring. He would trip and fall all the time and spill food on his shirt, but just a genuinely good human being, who also was a badass and won an Olympic gold medal with a broken frickin’ neck.

“He was a legit badass, but he never acted like he was a badass. He was just Kurt. Billy Gunn was great. Billy Gunn was the one guy that never needed a map anywhere we went. He always knew where the gym was, knew where the restaurant was, knew where the building was, where the hotel was.

This guy had his own GPS in his head and just knew where everything was. He’s probably one of the best ‘wheelmen’, as we call in the business, ever. “And just laughed to my stomach was probably riding with Paul Heyman.

I have literally had to pull a car over in tears laughing to catch my breath because Paul Heyman, for years, made me laugh harder than anyone. There’s a lot of great, great stories, and great guys and great car rides out there, and that’s the thing that really helps, I think, the younger talent grow is getting in those car rides, and telling stories and lying, and it helps build your character and build who you are as a talent.

It’s good stuff”. Paul Wight made his debut at AEW Revolution 2020. That was during the pandemic era. At that time, the AEW were allowed to let a small percentage of fans to watch the shows live. There was a bit of traveling at that time for AEW wrestlers.