Paul Wight Speaks About Working During the Pandemic

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Paul Wight Speaks About Working During the Pandemic

Paul Wight is a famous AEW broadcaster and he spoke about working during the pandemic era at AEW. Paul was known as the Big Show in WWE and was one of the most well-known wrestlers there. Paul does appear on AEW TV from time to time, however, he spends most of his time backstage.

He is one of the many former WWE wrestlers that joined AEW after quitting the WWE due to creative differences. Paul spoke about working at AEW on Charlie Marlow & 590 THE FAN KFNS Radio St. He believes that AEW did great during the pandemic era as keeping the show on TV was a big challenge for everyone at that time.

Paul Wight Believes that AEW Did Well During the Pandemic Era

AEW is one of the only promotions that could work well during the pandemic era. Most other wrestling promotions actually had to completely shut down as they relied on live shows to generate revenue.

The WWE also did alright during the pandemic era as they held most of their shows at the WWE Performance Center. However, AEW did surprisingly well, even though they did not have a big roster at the time. They also managed to sign a few popular wrestlers during that time.

“Well, it’s been great. I mean, the past year with COVID has been actually a really good reset for everyone, I think, in the entertainment industry,” Paul Wight stated. “It’s allowed a lot of entertainers to really appreciate their fans a lot more, and I think it’s given the fans a chance to really appreciate the gift that we have in this country of having the live entertainment that is available to everyone.

Getting out and being part of that energy, it’s great for the younger talent now because they worked so hard during COVID. They worked very hard to put a product on TV, but they weren’t getting that emotional feedback from the audience, and that feedback is very important to really gauge on how you’re doing and how you’re making your connection with the audience.

So for our younger talent, this is exciting times for them because they have the energy and the enthusiasm, and they’re starting to make that connection. And it’s great to see the fans come out to be a part of AEW, as ravenous as they are about AEW and as ravenous as they are for the new, young talent”.