Tony Khan and AEW said be interested in hiring some wrestlers laid-off by the WWE

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Tony Khan and AEW said be interested in hiring some wrestlers laid-off by the WWE

WWE fired 17 talents on November 4, including that from NXT, Raw and SmackDown. These were prominent names such as Karrion Kross, Nia Jax, Mia Yim, Keith Lee, Franky Monet, and many more. The president of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, was asked about the releases, who spoke with Wade Keller of PWTorch and said: “Every time they cut 20 people, let's say, it's terrible because every time someone loses a job, it hits them and the people around them.

Some of these people would have liked to leave, but in general, most likely not. It's terrible when someone loses their job and I feel sorry for them. Everyone counts." Obviously, everyone is wondering if anyone will go to his company and he went on to say: "I'll try to make an estimate, and I'm not trying to shed some light on everything, but everyone matters and this is probably not the exact amount, but every time they release, let's say about 20 people, I think there are generally one, two, three people who interest me and who I take.

They keep doing mass layoffs and each time, I find few people and the company gets a little stronger. I see some in this wave. I don't want to say who or when I would be interested in them, but there are some interesting people who let go and the same is true with the last wave and the wave before that and before that again.

With each wave, there are some interesting ones and this was no exception."

Will anyone go to Tony Khan's company?

Obviously, we have been talking about the fact that AEW is filling the roster with people for some time already, exactly as WWE did some time ago by hiring them from all independents or other companies, and now he finds himself having to fire people who do not.

serves or does not know how to manage. Probably if Tony Khan doesn't pay attention even his company could one day find themselves mass firing their athletes like the rival company, although we hope that never has to happen because it's not nice to see people lose their jobs in such a manner.