Paul Wight, WWE's Big Show explains his many character changes

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Paul Wight, WWE's Big Show explains his many character changes

Current AEW Superstar Paul Wight, better known as The Big Show in WWE, in an interview with Inside The Ropes, talked about his adventure with the Stamford-based company and the many different turn heels and faces he has been subjected to by Vince McMahon.

On the constant turn heel and face in WWE, the Hall Of Famer revealed, "Oh, I think it was super frustrating. One of the things that bothered me most was the fact that it made it difficult for me to develop a coherent identity.

to sell merchandise. Merchandising is a key part of our industry and you need to have a solid character to make people want to buy your stuff. When you make several jumps from face to heel, many times you anger people and constantly divide your audience."

Paul Wight: "Tony Khan was surprised by me"

Paul Wight recalled the match he was trying to make in WWE against Shaquille O'Neil, revealing that it was very close to being played, but that didn't happen due to Shaq's busy schedule.

On the possibility of a match between the two: "I think the most important thing was aligning WWE and Shaq with what was the federation vision of the match they wanted. I think with AEW we don't have a lot of red tape.

I mean, Shaq has already been a part of AEW. I think this is an opportunity for us to have that spectacular match and have some fun. Honestly, I think now the dispute of this match is closer than it has ever been." Regarding his role on AEW, Paul Wight said, "You know, Vince made me comment a little bit every now and then in the past, but I knew I wanted to be a commentator in the future.

Kevin Dunn, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler also knew I wanted to comment. I already had a clear idea of ​​what to do after my career in the ring ended and I wanted to be a full-time commentator. When I met Tony Khan, he asked me what I wanted to do and I said, 'I want to be a commentator' and Tony added 'Do you want to fight?' and I replied, 'Certainly'

I think I surprised Tony. I contacted him one day and went to Jacksonville to meet him just after my contract expired, so everything was legal. It was 10 pm and it was just the two of us, I got to explain to him about my passion for the discipline, the strategies to send people over and the potential that AEW has. He was very impressed with me and then we found an agreement."